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Lavender fields

The four seasons of flowers

Ecological conference center

Barbecue square

Grape manor

Rv camp

A vacation home

Love the dock

Cross-country karting

Lotus root

Hand boat

Ecological feeding

Parent-child fishing

The bumper cars

Lotus root

The pacifier fish

Catch a chicken's got talent

Real peopleCS

Fishing village restaurant

Tourist reception center

Cafe DE jack

Village apartments

The forest in search of adventure

Drift karting

The mushroom paradise


The zoo

Urban farms

Pablo NongZhanGuan

Children's paradise

Straw theme park

The jungle treasure hunt

Walk a horse

Pablo valley ecology by jiangsu yong hong pablo for ecological agriculture co., LTD11.5One hundred million yuan to build,Covers an area of15000m,Tourism is set、Recreation and green health food for the integration of modern agricultural complex wisdom。

The project is located in liuhe district, nanjing city bamboo Zhen Town,Hilly,A watery,The forest coverage40%,The environment is exquisite,The air is fresh,Rich in wildlife resources。Is located in nanjing city garden,Adjacent to the anhui province,The company commander triangle region,Highway and aviation network developed at a high speed,Regional location。

The whole ecological industrial park valley is divided into modern tourism grapes、Modern urban farm sci-tech industrial park、Cultural experience modern agriculture industrial park three big plate,Longshan more east、Fairy mountain and red Yang lake landscape resources,Form the cultural connotation is rich、Landscape characteristic pattern of ecological tourism。At the same time“To look at、To play、To eat、To live in、Purchase”The five characteristics as the breakthrough point,Through informatization、Visualization、Precision agriculture standardization construction,Make agricultural production、Processing、Sales of food safety system,Open the door of the green health for citizens,And provide a holiday leisure、Health pension ideal place。